Thanks to Ms. Anna for helping my son Dylan improve his fine motor skills and control his negative emotions in a healthy way. -The Hinsons

Thank you for all that you have done for my son. His progress has been amazing. -Anonymous

Thanks Ms. Anna and Ms. Kelly for always making my therapy enjoyable and fun! Thanks for helping me develop and grow! -Happy Thanksgiving Jack

Thank you for all of your caring and patience to make a difference with our kids. We are truly thankful! -Anonymous

To the wonderful staff of Fox Therapy,
We are so grateful for the patient, love, and help you have given our Frankie! You have given him confidence and awareness and that helps us all. Keep up the great work! -The Gorham Family

Thank you for helping my little brother Frank. You guys at FTC are awesome. -Carter Gorham

My son loves working with Ms. Ann! She makes speech fun for him! - Anonymous

After 4 years at Fox Therapy, we have many, many things to be thankful for! Thank you to the front desk staff who always have a smile and a kind word, to billing for being prompt to handle questions and especially to our therapists, who approach each session with enthusiasm, creativity and compassion! -The Stello family

Fox, We love all of you! -The Hopkins family

Thank you Ms. Macy and Ms. Julie for helping me reach my full potential. I get excited to see you each week. -Haley Shugart

Thank you Ms. Anna for working so hard with little cai cai. His improvement is a testament to your dedication. -The Casuls

Thank you Fox Therapy Center for working patiently with all the families. Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Anna Thank you ladies, you’re both angels! Front desk is just wonderful all the time! Thank you! -The Owens

Ms. Macy is the best speech therapist we could ever ask for. She works with care and professionalism to help our son get better and more confident with his speech everyday. Thanks to her, I heard my son say “I love you mommy” for the first time. We love you Ms. Macy! -The Baltimores

Thank you Ms. Ann and Ms. Anna for all that you do for Christopher! He has made great progress with your wonderful work. -Tamara

I wanted to extend a VERY special thank you to everyone at Fox Therapy! You all are doing wonderful things for the kids! They love it here! I wanted to send a X-TRA special thank you to Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Sierra! You are doing wonders for our son Jason Jr. We appreciate ALL you do and the HUGE impact you do for our son week in and week out! Thank you! -Respectfully, The Frye Family

To our coach Julie,
You are such a blessing to our son and family as we navigate this OT path toward success! Many and much thanks! -The Armstrongs

We would like to thank Ms. Anna for the wonderful job and care she takes with us. She always makes sure we have fun and we are coming a long way. -Thank you Christopher and Ms. Teresa Bruno

Thank you so much! -Love, Delila

Thank you ALL for the hard word and dedication you give to all the kids here! -Anonymous

THANK YOU! A very special thank you to the office and Becky and Rebecca. You will never know how much I appreciate how you help me navigate insurance issues- WITH A SMILE! you make my life easier! Thanks! -Diane Armstrong

"We love watching the progress our child is making at Fox Therapy Center! We appreciate all their efforts so much!”

"My child LOVES coming to see his therapists, both speech and occupational therapy! That helps me with his transitioning! Thank you!"

“My daughter loves coming to speech. She cries when we have to miss speech!”

"My daughter used to be shy because people couldn’t understand her, but now after getting speech therapy her confidence has grown. Now she isn’t afraid to talk to ANYONE!"

"Everyone has told me how much easier it is to understand my son. He used to get so frustrated. Thank you!”

“My daughter used to be really frustrated when we couldn’t understand her. She’s doing much better now!”

“It has been a pleasure to see you work so hard with my daughter. She really loves you and gets excited when she has an appointment!”

"When we came to Fox Therapy Center, my little boy only had vowel sounds to represent words, but no consonants. I was grief-stricken by his diagnosis and pondered what kind of outcome he would have. The speech therapist encouraged and helped both of us through the entire therapy process. Today, he speaks intelligibly in sentences! I cannot even think of Fox Therapy Center without emotion overwhelming my heart with gratitude!"

"Thank you so much for all that you are doing for my son. Your care and concern for the children that you work with is clear, and your kind and gentle spirit shines through. I am so grateful for all of the tips you have given me to help improve my son's communication at home!"

"Thank you so much for all your hard word with our son! You are a true blessing to him and our family!"